Soul Planning ~ Trust Answers Are Coming

Someone asked me…

How did you get to this place Sara?

What choices do we really have?

How can a knowing of…and living within…soul planning change your everyday life, views, and actions?

What do you find in the soul planning that helps bring meaning to grief, how we die, when we transition, whatever the circumstances are?

Is suicide soul planned?

How has your life been changed by soul planning?

How do you know our lives are soul planned?  Because I have watched my own plan evolve and know I am living beyond my choices. I am being taken places I never imagined, taught what has not come through others… I have seen and experienced even more than what seems possible…and now know my life is moving where I need to go, to places…I wouldn’t have or could not have gone before, learning what is needed…through my spiritually created soul plans.

It has been surprising, shocking, demanding, frustrating, powerful too, not knowing how the path or all the intricate steps that brought me here…other than it was soul planned with me/for me…for this lifetime…then ultimately shown more details following Scott’s death/transitioning to Spirit. His life/death/afterlife?  Soul planned as well.

MY choices? Are they included in free will? Because the free will occurred when we were planning our lifetimes…knowing this plan would take us places we would never choose, pain we would never make as a human choice to endure, my only child dying and coming back…talking, teaching, guiding me…  How?

Bigger picture.

Spirit becomes our teacher.

May I go on??

So many questions. Answers are coming.  Spirit brings what I need to share, word for word…and perhaps what you need to grow, move into greater awareness, find a new sense of peace. Evolve into the new.

Come grow with us!  It’s pretty exciting to know there is more.


Sara and Scott/Spirit

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  • Char Gilman

    I am trying to take all of this stuff in…..Soul planning…….
    I have always as far back as I can remember believed that everything happens for a reason,I haven’t always understood that reasoning, but have had to trust the feelings that have come from within me….Loosing my son has been my worst nightmare…..But I have to believe that it was meant to be, I am learning that this stuff I have believed in, is meant to be soul planning……It is making more sense to me…..Especially with the help from you Sara/Scott in Spirit/ and my Howard…..I do believe that love carries on for eternity ….
    Anxiously awaiting more answers…..Yes I am sure there is much more…..I am ready to grow more……..
    Thank you…….

    • Sara Ruble

      Even in your greatest struggles Char, your deep understanding of soul planning carries you. I know you trust that. This journey is taking each us where we need to evolve ~ through all these many challenging, life defining, and yes, beautiful experiences too, grasping what we need to learn, see, embrace, open up to, let go of, letting that which resonates stay with us. It takes time…it takes work. It is all worth it…
      I know Howard, our children and loved ones are on this path with us, helping implement our souls work…as they see it so clearly. It’s flowing… Trust Love… and for sharing. xoxo

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