Soul Planning

Soul planning…what is this? Have you heard it tossed around in spiritual conversations?

Do we really plan our lives? Before we are born? And we agreed to this plan?

Yes, we do…for this lifetime, for every lifetime.

When I read Robert Schwartz’s phenomenal book, Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born, my life was changed. Instantly. I was opened up to an intriguing new perspective of life and death. This book immediately resonated with me…as I had been desperately searching for answers and greater meaning to Scott’s sudden death.

Soul plans, soul journeys, soul contracts.

We plan our lives before we are born with everyone we need to interact with in a lifetime.

In time, Scott brought me his deeper insights as well. We include many of those aspects of soul planning in our blog Death Teaches and will continue in the Spirit Teaches blog.

Nothing is random.

Everything is planned in Spirit with an unconditional love that goes more deeply than we can know while in our bodies. We spiritually plan our lives…while we see the whole picture, the meaning of every experience, the depth, the pain, the love, the disappointments, gratitude, ultimately the evolvement of our souls…even when so much of life is filled with pain and yes, death.

So very deep, isn’t it?

Trust life has incredible meaning beyond the humanness we know…

Know there is more to death, beyond our leaving the body…

That our spiritual lives are essential to our human lives…

That everything is soul planned in a realm of unconditional love…which most assuredly creates an openness into the reality of our ongoing human and spiritual experiences…with our children and loved ones.

Are you ready? Because it is time… Spirit is opening the door to the mysteries we have wondered about for so long…and inviting us in…

Come grow with us…there is so much more to share…

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