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Death Teaches was created when Scott told me I needed to “write a blog”.
I pondered those words for a bit, and said, “No, I don’t think so…”
He responded, “We’ll write it together.”
“I love that Scott, but I’m not ready to write a blog…”
“Yes, you are. It is needed. I’ll show you the way.” He wasn’t demanding, just very matter of fact.
What I know now is…I really had no choice! And I’m sure he winked at me just now!

Some may say, “There is no death. My child, children, and loved ones come to me…I know their spirit. It is strong, real, and connects with me. His signs! Her signs! He did not die.”

Yes. Yes. Oh yes. And I am thrilled that incredible knowing, the experiences and awareness have come. My heart is with you…

But we must acknowledge that death is a part of the human experience. Birth and death…both are defining moments in life. A beginning…and a completion of that lifetime in a human body. The death of a loved one changes the dynamics of a family, a life, of hopes and dreams…

Death does teach. For me, it flowed into everything I lived…as I deeply felt the separation of Scott’s leaving. My only child.

Death drew a line in the sand, until it became less visible to my human eye and within my heart…with hard grief work, determination, incredible signs, greater awareness…and the
coming together of a new afterlife connection of our spirits…mine in the body and Scott in Spirit. It was all as it was planned…soul planned…to grow us into a new relationship of love and purpose, gratitude and meaning.

I value every day I felt lost, knowing I was pushed to see more… More was actually waiting for me. I could not give up. I sense you know that too.

Death Teaches, our first blog, is my experience with Scott’s sudden death. We all have a story, and a purpose needing to be shared. I channel Scott/Spirit’s beautiful knowing words throughout the blogs as evidence of his pure connection from the afterlife/everlife. As Scott and I came into this lifetime together once more, so have you and your child, children, loved ones, family, and friends. No doubt you will find similarities in our lives and your’s as you read our words. That is the soul’s plan…to grow you as you find your own profound awareness and connection.

Trust the journey my friends…

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Death Teaches

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