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When my son Scott, in Spirit, announced to me that we were going to write a blog titled Spirit Teaches, I wasn’t nearly as surprised as when he told me we were going to write the blog, Death Teaches. I knew it was time for this…

As I have shared before, I hear Scott. He left this earth suddenly in 1994. It seems so long ago, and yet he is more present than ever today.

Because of our first blog, as Scott and I collaborated with Spirit’s words and mine, I was able to see and feel the needs of so many who are desperate for clarity and answers to the afterlife/everlife, soul planning, death and dying, reincarnation, signs…and so much more.

To be able to bring the magnificent wisdom filled words that flow through me from Spirit to others was beyond my wildest dreams…

Now these profound words will be shared with you. They need to be shared. I so love that!

Who is Spirit? What is Spirit?

Sara knows Scott as Spirit, One with God/ALL. Depending on your own beliefs, a Higher Power.

Spirit is Heaven for some…of course, choose your own terminology.

We will use Spirit as a “place”…and as the term for one who has left their body, yet their spirit is vibrant and very much alive.

This blog is very much open to questions, as each one helps teach and clarify your own expanding awareness and beliefs…as well as others.

We left the Death Teaches blog with the words “Come grow with us.”


Scott/Spirit and Sara

I see the obstacles on my path…as the path

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Even when I don’t know what I am doing, I know it has meaning.

Even when I don’t know what I am doing, I know it has meaning. As Sara, Scott’s mom, how can I know this? And really trust it? Is it through a vast number of experiences and teaching moments? Oh Yes. All kinds of experiences? ALL kinds. Is it reading between the lines? Yes! Is it […]

Spiritual Collaboration Revisited

What is your path, my path, your neighbor or sister’s path? Is your awareness opening you up to a greater view of life and death/transitioning, our human experiences, our spiritual experiences, even the future? You may be aware that you are given only pieces and parts of the “path”, the bigger picture, the steps to […]

Shift Happens

What do we learn about life on this complex journey? Grief, Love, Pain, Trauma, Happiness, Awareness, Despair, Trusting, and more = Life. Are we ever really ready for what comes? Can we be? How is it possible to be informed…about the many, many facets of life and death/passing/transitioning/transforming/ the enormous earthquake sized shifts as well […]

Every day has meaning…

As I write these powerful spiritually channeled blogs, I am often restricted. Yes, held back, writing, deleting, writing some more, delaying…until it is time for these important words to be sent out. Because I am the human element here…and I came to learn just like everyone else. Nothing is sent out from here that I […]

The Work of the Soul

The love within. The pain within. The courage within. The meeting of these three, joining together, working as one? What is the answer? Can you take a breath and follow along with us here? This is all our soul’s work. Our children completed their’s for this lifetime…no matter how they left. They are fully aware […]

What is this Soul Plan all about?

“This life cannot be that planned.” I used to think. “Too much happens that is horribly challenging, doesn’t feel good…or doesn’t even make sense!” Then there are those times when something absolutely blows my mind because it was so exciting, breathtaking, even life-changing in an unbelievable, unpredictable, beautiful way… What lies within this…and in between […]

Courageous Souls…

It takes courage to be here…in life, in a human body.

You reading our words right now…is courageous.


You are looking for answers, hope, something new to believe in, to trust again, integrate into a new reality…that is very likely…the most painful thing you have ever done…or ever will.

We are courageous souls.


We cannot back away from Love.

I know you love someone deeply….or even yourself, as you seek greater meaning…on this complex journey that is unfolding before your eyes.

Even if we hate it all…we are taking the steps…quietly or boldly…

That is courage.


When Love is the part that cannot ever be denied…whether Here or “There”…

Is there really a “There”?

Or do our children and loved ones live within and all around us…because they are Spirit?

And we are Spirit. Maybe we cannot see them as before…nor can we see our own spirit.

That piece is needing clarification Scott/Spirit shares with us today.

Who Am I?

Who are we? Me, you, us, the entire population of the world? Scott has taught me this. He has shown me. I have no doubt… We are Spiritual beings in human bodies. Yes. We are spiritual beings having spiritual experiences in our human bodies. I know this is deep…

Why Are You Here With Us?

Resonate. I never gave this word much thought or even used it very often in my conversations or writing.  It is far more important to me now than I ever knew before…just like so many other aspects of my journey…now that Spirit is teaching me…and you.  xox Sara

Hello again… We are back! Have we met?

This blog may be new to those of you not acquainted with me and my son in spirit, Scott. We have been writing together for a number of years as his/Spirit’s words flow through my fingers to the keys on the computer. It definitely took me a while to get used to letting all that flow…and not interrupting with my words, concerns, anecdotes, etc. …because my human mind wanted to jump in and be heard too!

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