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When my son Scott, in Spirit, announced to me that we were going to write a blog titled Spirit Teaches, I wasn’t nearly as surprised as when he told me we were going to write the blog, Death Teaches. I knew it was time for this…

As I have shared before, I hear Scott. He left this earth suddenly in 1994. It seems so long ago, and yet he is more present than ever today.

Because of our first blog, as Scott and I collaborated with Spirit’s words and mine, I was able to see and feel the needs of so many who are desperate for clarity and answers to the afterlife/everlife, soul planning, death and dying, reincarnation, signs…and so much more.

To be able to bring the magnificent wisdom filled words that flow through me from Spirit to others was beyond my wildest dreams…

Now these profound words will be shared with you. They need to be shared. I so love that!

Who is Spirit? What is Spirit?

Sara knows Scott as Spirit, One with God/ALL. Depending on your own beliefs, a Higher Power.

Spirit is Heaven for some…of course, choose your own terminology.

We will use Spirit as a “place”…and as the term for one who has left their body, yet their spirit is vibrant and very much alive.

This blog is very much open to questions, as each one helps teach and clarify your own expanding awareness and beliefs…as well as others.

We left the Death Teaches blog with the words “Come grow with us.”


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