What is this Soul Plan all about?

“This life cannot be that planned.” I used to think. “Too much happens that is horribly challenging, doesn’t feel good…or doesn’t even make sense!”

Then there are those times when something absolutely blows my mind because it was so exciting, breathtaking, even life-changing in an unbelievable, unpredictable, beautiful way…

What lies within this…and in between the two ends of it all?

Our soul plan taking us on a journey through life.

This soul planned life I have been aware of and living within for over ten years has shown me more than I could have ever imagined about life…and death/transitioning into Spirit.

Scott in his powerful knowing, with such incredible life lessons (not always easy), has brought me to a place of acceptance and even peace of mind with this ~ Our lives truly are soul planned.

Everything has meaning. No matter how challenging, complex, or perfect…it has meaning for the next day, next year, our next lifetime.

Most of us are pretty certain we don’t know it all. Then the journey makes sure we see that life is not linear either. It is insistent, inconsistent, and full of contrast and contradictions.

Is that to throw us off course? The plans we had, that we spent hours, days, years creating…can go up in smoke? A tornado ripping through your home? Devastating floods, fires, accidents, disease, drugs? The deaths of our children? Our loved ones?

Do we scream within or even out loud, “Where do I go from here??”

Is this when we begin to see life in new ways? Through new eyes? Through blurry, swollen eyes? And yet something within pushes, insists, demands we take steps…towards…the unknown…that becomes a safer place…with support…with guidance, help, love, with those who have been through this too?

Have you been searching everywhere for help, for those safe places…asking for guidance, direction…going way out your comfort zone to find answers?

Can you trust or now know that wherever you have gone in life…has taught you something? Good or “bad”? Has it opened your eyes to new ways of living, surviving, giving up, coping, brought relief…knowing there has to be more…and then again trying something else?

What if…

What if that was the plan all along?

Before you say “No”…

Think about the life you had planned when you were twenty-one. Your dreams, hopes, determination were flowing… Even if there were confusion and fear, lack of trust in others, or little money…

Have any of us ended up where we thought we would? Could you have ever planned this lifetime as it has occurred since age twenty-one?

When we go beyond our thinking…to places that force us to see the reality of life…know our soul has been implementing the plan…

Yes, pain is planned…as the soul guides or literally pushes us to the next day…knowing growth and awareness are flowing into us…in the darkness…and into the Light.

Our children and loved ones in Spirit see the deep purposeful meaning in their soul plans…and ours. They know this soul work is necessary…as we did when we planned it all with them. Their commitment to us is forever. As ours is to them…

Trust the plan.
You are wiser than you know…
You are a spiritual being having human experiences…

Spirit teaches
Love is soul work.

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  • Karen M Wilson

    Love these words, so comforting and my Nick tells me this all the time.

    • Sara Ruble

      And it is such validation when we get the same messages isn’t it Karen? They know how to connect the dots for us, connecting us to one another too. They work in perfection… So awesome. xoxo

  • Carolyn Tuccio

    I truly believe my life was soul planned as it answers all my questions. Since Matthew crossed the veil he is even closer now than before. I Trust in his Love and Guidance through this journey we are traveling together. Trust has opened my heart to feel gratitude in an overpowering and overwhelming way. I am stronger than before and I am always seeking and looking to serve others in any way possible. Thank you Sara/Scott for sharing your journey with all of us.❤️❤️❤️

    • Sara Ruble

      Carolyn, you inspire me so much. Your words are beautiful and so knowing… You trusted in something so new to us here in the body…with the soul planning…embracing the signs, messages, whispers, and experiences…all bringing you more deeply into this reality of eternal connection with Matthew. As it is meant to be. Thank you for sharing…you need to be heard, my friend… xoxo

  • Char Gilman

    Wow!! I smiled all the way through reading this….It resonates so much…..As I have said before, I have always believed in my heart that there was more to all of this life…But after Howard went to be an Angel, and I connected with Fara then Tracy and finally with you Sara, I have learned and totally believe in soul planning, and life lessons….It all makes so much sense to me now…..It is still very hard not having Howard here with me in physical form, I have some really rough moments, but I also have moments when I feel him and others so close to me and with so much love…I don’t understand it all, but believe ……I trust in the love, and I trust in our journey….Thank you Scott/Spirit, Sara and Howard for this new lesson…..Looking forward to the next…..Much love, Char/Mom

    • Sara Ruble

      Reading your words Char, knowing the struggles you have had, it is deeply moving for me to see your awareness of soul planning become so strong, rich, and real. It is powerful. Thank you, thank you for sharing your journey…from such pain and confusion to these words today. You know you are Loved. xoxo

  • paola leslie

    Love this words Sara! Thank you!

    • Sara Ruble

      I know you pay attention to every word Paola…looking into the meaning of it all. This is so very important on our journey of the heart and soul. Thank you! xoxo

  • Deborah Young

    Thank you so much for your words Sara and Scott! I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and know that my children led me to both of you. I truly believe that my life with my two sons, Gary and Tony was soul planned. The deep abiding LOVE that rests in my heart and soul and the strong connection I feel for both of my children who have crossed over is immense. I feel both of their spirits here with me on earth as I continue my physical life journey. I believe THIS is our earth school and I’m a lifelong student continuing to learn valuable lessons! I’m beyond grateful for them allowing me to be their mother (Gary Wade Young – short term) and (Tony Wade Young – 22 years). I believe I was born to walk in the footsteps of losing children so I could offer my community the LOVE and support of my Soulful heART Expressive Arts program. Especially my offering of (Therapeutic Intuitive Process Painting) which is so HEALING by following the energy and EMOTIONS of heart/soul. I feel my sons with me wherever I travel in the world ALWAYS looking for more ADVENTURES. I feel them cheering me on as I’ve learned to live in each moment! Thanks again Sara and Scott for supporting parents such as myself with your words of wisdom!

    • Sara Ruble

      I love you have been with us since the beginning Deb…and I have watched you grow through your important journey. We know how we have been pushed and taken places we could not have imagined…beautiful and challenging…to see the reality of this Love.
      Thank you for sharing, once again validating the connection and forever relationships we have, that we soul planned with our extraordinary children…they all are! Your work is beautiful, your heart so big. Teach Momma, teach! xoxo

  • Tamala

    I love your blog Sara ..Its what I need at this time in my life..I am soaking up a lot in my life right now..Sometimes silence brings so much wisdom..When I read your blogs it touches something deep within me..I can read your blogs and retreat to my silence ..I need this silence to grow..Thank you for sharing your wisdom,it is much needed..Your a great teacher and I truly believe it was your calling in life above anything else was to master the teacher within you …Scott is your greatest teacher and you are his greatest student…I am truly blessed to have crossed you and Scotts path along this journey..

    • Sara Ruble

      Ohhh Tamala…Thank you. I love you shared this deep need to take care of yourself…in the silence, to reflect, take in what resonates, honoring your journey with Luke and for yourself. It is in those times we see the wisdom you write of…as it lessens the chaos and ushers in healing. As we see more clearly, the meaning of our soul plans becomes more evident…and we trust the journey to show us more. Your beautiful wisdom shines through everything you write my friend… xoxo

  • Deneene

    Sara, you are as always amazing! Thank you for sharing such a true and powerful message. Thank you for helping me to remember on a day I do needed reminding.

    When fear and sadness embrace us, paralyzing us… remembering is the hardest thing to do.

    We are not alone, we are guided and we are loved.

    • Sara Ruble

      Yes, yes Deneene. We need each other on this journey, as planned, for the connectivity, friendship, support, insights, love…and on and on. I’ve learned we cannot always deny or push away the emotions that well up inside us, the demanding aspects of our lessons/experiences…that ultimately (thank goodness) force us to reach out when we are overwhelmed by life. It is then we know we are not alone. It may be the human connection that soothes us…or a wave of spiritual inspiration that shows us the path. We need it all… Much love to you my dear friend. xoxo

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