Spiritual Collaboration Revisited

What is your path, my path, your neighbor or sister’s path? Is your awareness opening you up to a greater view of life and death/transitioning, our human experiences, our spiritual experiences, even the future?

You may be aware that you are given only pieces and parts of the “path”, the bigger picture, the steps to take, the need for patience or action. A brief vision, thought, or feeling.

Getting only snippets of your spiritual path/soul plan may create inner turmoil, mistrust, confusion, vulnerability…or…acceptance that it is not time yet for more to be revealed…or even make sense…

So what do we do in those in-between times? Those pauses that drive us crazy because we want or need so much more…

Let’s see what Scott/Spirit shares…

Scott/Spirit ~

Yes, we even make Sara wait to write… (She smiles)

The time in between is a very valuable, much needed space to be in ~ for your human experiences and spiritual growth. If you are reading this blog…we know you are seeking awareness, answers, clarity and more.

Have you seen or felt the value of your spirit within?

Are you asking yourself more and more ~ “Who am I now?”

As Spirit, we are taking you, and yes often forcing you via your soul plan, to enter into places of greater knowing…because this journey is much more vast than you can see with only your human eyes.

We must take the time needed…

Valuing this time allows space for more…to adjust to the new…to begin to create, even collaborate with that you could never have envisioned before.

When the trauma in your life opens you to the next place on your path…literally breaking you open…are you forced to look through new eyes? What do you discover about life, yourself, that which you previously knew or trusted…that no longer fits?

Are you searching? You must. You are being pushed from within…to shift.

You may sense, see, hear, and feel in ways that go far beyond the actual human experiences you have known. Does this scare you…or excite you?

Once you walk through these doors ~ I am on my spiritual path door ~ I know I have a soul plan door ~ I am definitely not alone here door…you are changed…and that comes from within. There is beauty, depth, and a profound knowing…an acceptance, greater trust ~ I truly am collaborating with Spirit!

As you shift into the new ~ those unknown places…no longer hold you hostage for so long. You trust the next steps will be shown to you…through another’s words, a memorable quote, a podcast, a song, a dream, an unexpected cardinal, or how ever it comes…and you are reminded that this kind of collaboration goes way beyond your human creating. You realize
“I could not have made this happen…”

Knowing you are definitely an integral part of such a defining moment or experience…reveals your own extraordinary collaboration with Spirit/your child/children/loved ones.

Embrace this new aspect of Love. Trust the journey. It is yours…and ours…working together as One.

Scott/Spirit and Sara

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  • Jana L Tucker

    Absolutely beautiful as always Sara/Scott/Spirit…and very timely!
    Much love always,

    • Sara Ruble

      You know Spirit only brings forth a blog/message here when it is time, my dear friend! Thank you Jana…always more to digest. Love you. xoxo

  • Char Gilman

    Wow this is BEAUTIFUL and opening to me on a couple different levels…….First of all, I read it through, but then I always go back and read it the second time slower to take it in better…..The first thing I hear was Howard’s voice chuckling saying you are learning patience Mom!!! I laughed and thought about it, and he is right. As much as I want it all right now, now that I know there is really something more to all of this I want it all, all at once….But looking back I can see that I have gotten a bit more patience……My heart is so open to more…..I no longer for the last 3 years believe in coincidence. I know the things that happen(signs) are real, I can feel that they are from Howard, the warmth and love that comes with them is amazing COLLABORATION I love this word, it brings me to Spirit, not just Howard but to all Spirit, all my loved ones in Heaven…This last sentence Scott/Spirit had you write, really has grabbed me….I love this new aspect of Love….And I so trust the journey……”It is yours ours working together as ONE! The ONE part is what grabbed me the most, don’t know if this will make alot of sense, but I remember early on asking you about Howard, and spirit and how it works, I took it in as in Heaven they are ONE, but they are still themselves too, anyway I could feel Scott/Spirit/Howard reminding me lessons I have learned….Does that make sense?
    Looking so forward to the next lessons, with some patience!!
    Thank you so much Scott/Spirit/Sara and Howard…….
    Much Love,

    • Sara Ruble

      I love this Char! You are such a good student! As you absorb Spirit’s words you then bring them out in your own beautiful resonating ways for others to feel too. Thank you for being a part of our work here… As you share, your words confirm for others too…how spiritual collaboration is felt, how it often takes time to see it, that patience is essential, and the incredible depth of our continuing relationships with our children and loved ones. We truly are One. Much love Char! xox

  • Carolyn Tuccio

    Oh Sara……My favorite new word… collaboration…I resonate with collaborating with that oneness with God. Remembering what my journey is to some extent… remembering the blueprint before I was born.. bits and pieces coming to me.. the knowing that if I have not been broken thru the tragedy of losing Matthew, all the beautiful pieces coming together in a different Pattern and being part of God and he a part of me, and knowing Jesus as Gods son and how my life should be to try and model his,, impossible to have that unconditional Love and now knowing that this is what’s it’s all about. Being and sharing my Love throughout this world, this God conciousness that is the Divine Love that I’ve searched for and have felt. I hear Matthew saying, stay this path, bring comfort to others as this is for your Good and the Highest good of all….the voices are starting to take on a different meaning and I am fully Trusting in the journey for Love IS all there is. Thank you Sara/Scott for all that you have brought me and for all that I know I still have to Learn.
    Having the inner peace and Living Gods will is what I have unknowingly been searching for. Much Love 🌟💜💜💜

    • Sara Ruble

      My goodness Carolyn…thank you for sharing your powerful insights. They are what we seek in times of such confusion. Gaining the awareness and stability that life and love, on a spiritual level bring is so needed…to open us up to even more.
      Knowing Matthew’s and your Love has such incredibly deep meaning is a life changer, meant to be shared for others to see in their relationships too, and opening that beautiful gift of Oneness. Much love to you too. xoxo

  • Valerie Kwietniak

    Hello Sara,
    While reading, I had an image of walking through a room in the dark. Yes, at first it’s uncomfortable, this “feeling” my way through. Then my eyes adjust, and I shift and realize I’m “seeing” in the dark!

    Thank you and Scott for my powerful “in-sight”💜
    Much Love,

    • Sara Ruble

      I love this Valerie! Yes, yes. This is a perfect analogy! The shift… I’m so grateful you shared your powerful in-sight. We learn so much from one another on our journeys into the Light! Thank you! xoxo

  • Diane Romagnoli

    Beautiful Sara!💕 Trusting is like deep breathing, creating an opening within for Soul/ Spirit to guide me back through the human challenges and lessons of this lifetime as I am asked to view through the lens of my soul. Collaboration is a beautiful descriptive of the process. Never alone, walking towards wholeness, I am receiving the opportunity of learning, growing and living with thoughts and heart in union to the remembering the spirit part of me.

    • Sara Ruble

      So “beautiful” I say back to you Diane, as your words always express the depth and profound lessons of this journey of heart and soul with courage and meaning. When we are challenged to go into these places…and we actually accept this IS where we must go…the collaboration becomes stronger, clearer and there is no doubt we are never alone…as we travel into greater awareness, peace, and the spiritual growth that follows. Thank you for sharing my dear friend! xoxo

  • Tamala

    Words of wisdom and guidance along this journey. Sara ..So much has awakened within this life ..We all are awakening in our own time in our own way..I feel this message is perfect timing ..I know so much is needed in balance of this union as one..I see some great depths of wisdom Scott revealing to us all ..Collaboration is a beautiful expression of this.. When we feel we have reached a place of knowing ,something else comes forward to teach us more..Thank you Sara /Scott for your guidance and helping hand along the path..Your love is embraced fully and resonates deep into my soul…I feel a spirit of awe humming in my soul…Thank you Sara/Scott

    • Sara Ruble

      So good to hear from you my friend! I am always so moved by your thoughts. Kindred spirits for sure… I love these words you shared, “I feel a spirit of awe humming in my soul…”
      This journey does not touch us lightly. It is intended to take us to places unknown and shift us into this greater knowing and awareness. Your amazing Luke inspires your needs and lights your way to these unexpected gifts. Thank you for being here with me/us/all… xoxo

  • Christine M.

    Ah! Collaboration,,, the Value of your Soul… I’m loving every bit of this as I “Shift”! I’m soaking in every word! And Andrew’s right there with me! Thank you Sara/Scott/Spirit! Love, Christine M.

    • Sara Ruble

      I love you know Andrew is right there with you Christine! And then what more can be shown as we are open to the shifts that will come? Knowing each step, each shift is filled with meaning…whether they are simple or complex…brings us the greater awareness we are seeking and ultimately needing. Yes. Trusting the journey…with our deepest love and commitment. You are.. xoxo

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