Consistent Love

Hello again, Spirit here…

It’s been a few weeks… We were working with Sara as she presented at the amazing Helping Parents Heal Conference in Phoenix two weeks ago…and actually, if you attended…we were working with you…and if you did not attend…we were working with you too!

As Spirit…our job and truly, our commitment…is to guide and teach you to see, envision, trust, and understand with greater clarity…the process of life, death…and what is beyond.

The details are incredibly important.

Know your children and loved ones are constantly and consistently working with you and within to provide the many needed experiences, teachers, love, questions, signs, dots to connect…with the many unknowns surrounding life, death, and the afterlife/everlife.

Sometimes we are quietly behind the scenes…other times unmistakably open and reassuring you…of this ongoing and continuing relationship. Always in Spirit’s perfect timing.

This is “earth school”. The lessons are challenging and very hard to grasp at times. And yes…difficult to absorb on a level of forever

This explanation is not short and simple…so we will be giving you snippets, thoughts, and insights into this journey of incredible meaning, experiencing and learning.

The Love we have for one another ~ as Spirit, and you as spiritual beings in the human body traveling these complex spiritual journeys we soul planned together…is the key piece that can clarify life…and leaving/transitioning/death.


Trust the journey Sara often reminds those searching for the unknowns…because, truly, the journey is taking you where you need to go, be, see, in this search for understanding more…

The Love you feel for your child and loved ones comes from a central location… Is that your heart? Your commitment? The universe? Spirit? All of these and more?

All of these. Yes. Love is the piece that pushes you AND pulls you towards the Love of those you miss.

Let this be the word you use today. Consistent.

My love for you is consistent. Your love for me is consistent. We planned this love, We planned for it to be all it is…as we communicate on another level now

Love may be incredibly challenging or very easy. It may be confusing or clearly seen.

It may depend on the day…how you view this Love…but we need you to know the one constant about consistent is this… It is forever. It is a spiritual commitment that spans lifetimes. It cannot ever be broken…even when it may appear or feel that way…

The Love commitment from Spirit is consistent…and we will teach you more about this.

We will even show you…

Stay tuned. Love wins this battle…no matter what you feel or question. 

We assure you…True Love.

More to come… xoxoxoxoxo

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  • Carolyn tuccio

    Someone early on once said to me “don’t let Matthews death define you” I didn’t think much about it then but recently I did and made a choice to let his life and love define me. That was a defining moment for me. I am looking for the unconditional love spirit talks about. I will continue my path and ask God to guide me as to the path I should follow for the greater good if all. Much love Sara|Scott\Spirit

    • Sara Ruble

      What a beautiful teaching moment you’ve shared here Carolyn… A comment given to you comes back in time, bringing with it a shift in thinking that is so rich in meaning, greater awareness, and hope. Thank you for sharing…and these are definitely words for the greater good of all to be inspired by… xoxo

  • Char

    Consistent, what a wonderful word…..When I read it, it brought me warmth, and a feeling of love….I am so ready to learn more, see more, feel more…..My biggest hurdle is PATIENCE……I am trying so hard, but I feel the pull of wanting more…..I often feel Howard, but is there more? I know that as spirit they are in a different place than we are, the veil is between us, but will there be a time when that veil will get thinner, and communication with our loved ones will be closer? easier? There is so much going around in my mind, and it is so hard to get it all down right….Some days are harder than others….But I always feel the love…..So yes I am trusting in my journey, and I totally trust the love!! Like I said some days are just a little challenging, because I miss the physical being of him/them being here with me…..Thank you Scott/Spirit, Sara, and Howard for bringing it closer to understanding……Much Love

    • Sara Ruble

      I think we can all understand the challenges of patience Char. We want more…as soon as possible. I’ve been there too…
      You are learning all lessons, insight, shifts in thinking, connections and more come to us, through us, as we experience the journey we planned with our children and others too. Love is the key to this. Trust Love. Trust Howard, Trust the journey…knowing there is more to show us the path…our evolving awareness…when it is time. Breathe… xoxo

  • Keiran Dick

    Beautiful just what I needed to hear today. , following the physical loss of my daughter who transitioned two and a half years ago aged 26 years.
    Helps confirm what I already know about love being the most important thing 🙏

    • Sara Ruble

      There is beauty in hearing or reading other’s words that resonate with us Keiran. We go deeper at that moment, feeling the gift of awareness… Shifting from loss to love continuing creates a powerful opening for growth and greater meaning. I love Spirit’s words matched your knowing…and brought that confirmation. That is beautiful. xoxo

  • Nicolette

    I have also decided (actually it’s something I just know deep down), that my son’s short life of 13 years and his transition is going to define me. Of course we can’t be the same people we were before, but for his journey and mine, inextricably linked, I will be the best version of love, compassion and forgiveness that I can be in this life. I hope that it’s also a defining point for him on his journey. At the moment I am finding it difficult to comprehend the relationship between our souls as changing….he is learning, growing up in the spirit world. How do I cope with that, I can’t always think of him as a boy…During one reading the medium told me: “I’m talking to a very wise man, the only thing coming from him is pure love” But she was talking to my son, the validation was there…

    • Sara Ruble

      This is a journey of self-discovery as well as an opening to the spiritual relationship we continue to share Nicolette. You are in both these places…with questions and validations flowing in and out. It is a lot to take in…and yet you are seeing more!

      I want to share how I see Scott and myself now. I will always be his mom. I have nineteen years of incredible memories, photos, love, and more that are mine and his forever. He is my baby, my little boy, my teenager, college student always…my only child in this lifetime. And now…he is Spirit. He guides and teaches me…bringing the spiritual into my knowing. I know he is energy. He is all-knowing. I benefit greatly from his wisdom. Yes, we are in a different relationship…but his love and joy still come through as Scott. He still calls me Mom. 🙂
      It may take some take time Nicolette for this to settle in for you. Take your time…it is all part of the journey…and you are doing the work needed. You will see more… Thank you for sharing… xoxo

  • Debbie

    My son transitioned 04-02-2017. He has given us signs from the second day of his exit. I can talk to him in my head and ask for a sign and he will usually show us within a very short time. What I would love to get is more of words from him in my head. I’m blessing it will continue as well the signs. And yes we so miss his physical presence. It’s a journey but trying my best to grow and learn more about connecting and serving others. Much love Sara.💚

    • Sara Ruble

      It is so amazing how your son is showing you his spiritual presence in these profound ways Debbie! We cannot ever really know the journey we are taking day to day or what will be shown to us by our children or loved ones… You have something so special happening. I’m thrilled for you! By doing your important grief work and opening your heart and mind up to this new relationship as you are…what needs to come next will… Trust the journey! xoxo

  • Debbie

    Thanh you Sara! 💚Some days the grief is exhausting I’m blessing my strength and endurance return again. Much love always

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