Soul Planning ~ Trust Answers Are Coming

Someone asked me…

How did you get to this place Sara?

What choices do we really have?

How can a knowing of…and living within…soul planning change your everyday life, views, and actions?

What do you find in the soul planning that helps bring meaning to grief, how we die, when we transition, whatever the circumstances are?

Is suicide soul planned?

How has your life been changed by soul planning?

How do you know our lives are soul planned?  Because I have watched my own plan evolve and know I am living beyond my choices. I am being taken places I never imagined, taught what has not come through others… I have seen and experienced even more than what seems possible…and now know my life is moving where I need to go, to places…I wouldn’t have or could not have gone before, learning what is needed…through my spiritually created soul plans.

It has been surprising, shocking, demanding, frustrating, powerful too, not knowing how the path or all the intricate steps that brought me here…other than it was soul planned with me/for me…for this lifetime…then ultimately shown more details following Scott’s death/transitioning to Spirit. His life/death/afterlife?  Soul planned as well.

MY choices? Are they included in free will? Because the free will occurred when we were planning our lifetimes…knowing this plan would take us places we would never choose, pain we would never make as a human choice to endure, my only child dying and coming back…talking, teaching, guiding me…  How?

Bigger picture.

Spirit becomes our teacher.

May I go on??

So many questions. Answers are coming.  Spirit brings what I need to share, word for word…and perhaps what you need to grow, move into greater awareness, find a new sense of peace. Evolve into the new.

Come grow with us!  It’s pretty exciting to know there is more.


Sara and Scott/Spirit

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  • Marla Ann Hodes

    oh my gosh sarah

    I needed this today…and always. We are coming up on our first year mark and I am just so sad. Thank you for reminding me once again of soul planning etc. dean has made it very clear in his messages to me (transcribed during medium session) that his life was complete. We had all planned this lifetime in another and we decided that he should go first…he actually volunteered he says, so that we may learn and grow on the earth school. it still is so hard though. When did it begin getting a bit easier for you? I dont know if you remember me but i talked to you about my passion for working with children…I am still going in that direction. love and hugs and Thank YOU AND SCOTT

    • Sara Ruble

      I do remember you Marla, because of your deep passion and your vulnerability. One is as beautiful as the other. xox
      As we move more deeply into the spiritual parts of this journey, it becomes more and more soul filled… We begin to see it confirming our love and our passions…giving us direction and even a sense of relief.
      Your son coming through a medium and telling you his life was complete is truly so powerful. He opened the door to your awareness of this important aspect of our soul’s plans. Every life is complete when we leave… I know this is hard for some to accept…and yet your son made it clear to you…he even took one for the team (your family’s growth). This clearly illustrates the soul’s work is done in great Love and with the knowing of what is needed for each of us in a lifetime. Thank you for sharing Marla! We learn from one another…as the plans push us towards greater understanding and healing. I love that. xoxo

  • Sherry

    Grateful for this
    Looking forward to more ❤️

    • Sara Ruble

      So good you are here Sherry. Open mind, open heart, gratitude… Yes. There is more coming! xoxo

  • Karen

    I always look forward to reading what you experience and share — learning, growing in awareness, and resonating similarly. Being comforted and hopeful and supported in these beliefs are wonderful gifts. With much gratitude and love to you, Sara and Scott/Spirit.

    • Sara Ruble

      To know Spirit’s all-knowing, enlightening words are resonating with you, Karen (and all you who write and follow us) fills my heart up. As I experienced grief and everything I have needed thus far, and yes, often being so terribly confused with demanding emotions flowing through me…I was taken to soul planning for my growth…and I must call it a respite. It was meant to be…ten years ago. I knew it could help others and I’ve been sharing ever since. Each of our journeys is important my friends. Embrace what you can, when you can. I am so grateful for your words too Karen. xoxo

  • Laura Tomei

    I love learning from you and Scott… from your combined soul planned journey into earth, and then …. the heartache of having to let him go, only to discover he never left…. not really.
    Thank you both, for giving me strength 💕

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Laura… You know my journey is yours in important and meaningful ways. This time, we have come in as sister~friends! We cannot always see the backstory in all of this…but let’s trust there is much more to be revealed. Until it is shown ever so clearly, neither one of us will be surprised, but we will! There is always more to see…and more strength to carry you. That’s part of our deal. 🙂 Much love! xoxo

  • Carolyn tuccio

    I so resonate with what you say. It’s the only thing that makes sense for the higher good of all, soul planning. It answers every question and brought me much peace when I finally came to know that my grandsons journey was done here. What I keep wondering are what are my next steps. I share with my family everything I’ve learned but I feel there must be more for me to do so I will trust that it will be spirit led and come to me. Thank you Sara/Scott Spirit💕

    • Sara Ruble

      Dear Carolyn… When something resonates with us so clearly, as the soul planning has for you, me, and others here, there is that knowing that this makes sense . And isn’t that what we are desperately needing as we search for answers in the meaning of life, death, transitioning, and beyond. Your grandson validating for you is so powerful and most certainly deepens the beliefs you are embracing. You are his voice to the family as needed…and as you planned with him. So beautiful!
      Yes, trust what you need will show itself to you…in Spirit’s perfect timing. You will know when it comes… Much love. xoxo

  • Janette

    Thank you Sarah for your continued sharing. SCOTT has brought you so much and in turn has taught us all. My daughter, Alisha passed 4.5 years ago. I never thought I could live another day without her. But from the beginning I heard her exact voice telling me it was going to be ok! As hard as it was, I knew distinctly that it was Alisha. She moved me towards reading ALL about the afterlife. I walk everyday in nature so that I can really tune into Alisha’s message. Although I still do ask myself, is this really happening and is this really now my life, I grow more and more to the acceptance that spirit really does exist and so do our children. 🕊🕊🕊🕊

    • Sara Ruble

      As you are walking this journey Janette, you too are seeing, feeling, and knowing the existence of Spirit…with Alisha as your teacher! It is her words, lessons along the way, the insights and what resonates most deeply that push us into the acceptance you write of. Trust this journey. It is what we soul planned. Deep within us is the knowing we are growing exponentially on a spiritual level… I love you are walking in nature everyday. It is a perfect environment for growth and balance. Thank you for sharing…and bloom where you are planted… xoxo

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