Past Life Regressions ~ On The Page

Many of you may be familiar with past life regressions ~ where we are able to visit previous lifetimes through a deep meditative type process, ultimately for healing and greater understanding. The incredible need to more fully grasp who we are in this lifetime or why certain events have taken place, fears we experience, physical pain, and more can be greatly helped by knowing what we have experienced in past lives.

When Scott/Spirit began bringing my past lives to me to help me understand the depth of our mother~son connection, my fears and concerns, complicated grief, the infusion of spiritual growth, headaches, and so many other areas, I was stunned at the insights and healing that knowledge brought.

I immediately knew how important these past life regressions ‘On the Page’ would be for those grieving, in a chaotic space, having experienced a suicide, suffering from PTSD, or the many other ways life impacts, limits, and confuses us in our present day human experiences.

Relief can come from understanding how we are deeply connected to our children and others lifetime to lifetime. For us in the human body, past lives that have impacted us greatly, that we cannot even remember affect our health ~ mentally, emotionally, or physically are often helped by spiritual regressions that bring these experiences forward, expressing them, allowing them to be understood, answering the illusive question of “Why?”

For the On the Page regressions, Spirit will provide the words needed for every past life regression by bringing their channeled words through me for the good of you and others. I am always deeply honored by the sacredness of this process, as I know each regression is brought with Spirit’s unconditional love…for healing…relief…release…growth…greater awareness…change.

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